Monday, February 28, 2005

Meet Xavier "My Mom Sold Me Out" Perla

jacklyn418: hey jourdan!
jacklyn418: what about naming our son, xavier perla?...
Jourdan: yeah.. like jourdan isn't hard enough to spell
jacklyn418: no no
jacklyn418: we'll just call him window
jacklyn418: get it
Jourdan: window?
jacklyn418: "Window" XP
Jourdan: *sigh*
jacklyn418: *snicker*
jacklyn418: it's funny
jacklyn418: *mourns for jourdan's inability to make fun of our future children*
Jourdan: yeah.. like that wouldn't doom him to ADD
jacklyn418: hee hee
jacklyn418: eh..he starts acting to nutso and i'll just "blue screen" his butt
jacklyn418: "don't make me ALT+F4 you, xavier"
Jourdan: uh-huh
jacklyn418: *shakes head*..i pity you...

Paul didn't think it was too funny either. *sigh* And my target market was engineers & geeks. Oh well...back to the drawing board.


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